“Check and Create What You Need”: An Art Therapy Relational Neurobiological (ATR-N) Resiliency and Compassion Protocol. 

During this full day workshop participants, will learn to use a resiliency based art therapy relational neuroscience (ATR-N) protocol and will gain understanding of the protocol’s associated neuroscientific basis. The workshop is of special interest for art therapists in interested expanding their trauma- based treatment repertoire skills to include compassion- based skills. 

The first part of the day will review ATR-N CREATE principles: 1) Creative Embodiment, 2) Relational Resonating, 3) Expressive Communicating, 4) Adaptive Responding, 5) Transformative Integration, and 6) Empathizing and Compassion (Hass-Cohen, 2008). 

In the second part of the day participants will experientially engage with the CHECK protocol which was published as a case-study and awarded the American Art Therapy Journal 2014 best article of the year. Time permitting, they will also learn about several other ATR-N protocols characterized by a specific sequencing of interventions. These ATR-N protocols emphasize the ATR-N transformative integration principle which suggests that working with creativity and expression, and using the arts to support adaptive responding gives rise relational security, mindfulness, empathy and compassion.


Participants will be able to

· Identify six art therapy relational neuroscience principles 

· Describe the contribution of at least one positive psychology therapeutic skills to therapeutic 

· Learn to at least one research supported intervention proctol.


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 2018 BATA Pre-Conference: "Check and Create What You Need": An ATR-N Resilency and Compassion Protocol





Pre-Conference Course Presenter:

Noah Hass Cohen, PhD










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